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Friday, 18 December 2015

Advent - Day 20

Staci Lys Dunn Silva brought today's Advent devotional at His Kingdom Come. For her inspiration, she had this beautiful song, performed by Amy Grant.
Staci's words brought the words of the song to life even more for me, drawing me into Mary's dilemma. She couldn't understand why God would have chosen her. Many were wiser, many were stronger. Nothing set her apart, yet God himself had set her apart. She knew the task was too great for her. Her only hope was for God himself to breathe his heavenly life and strength into her.

I didn't really do any art in my Advent journal today; just a bit of gold tape, a sticker and these words:

You could have chosen
You could have chosen
Breath of heaven, hold me
Pour into me

Thank you visiting my Advent post today.

Blessing hugs,

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Sometimes just saying or printing those words are all that is needed.