Tickell Expressions

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Little Treasures

Hello Friends,

I started making small mixed media pieces a couple of years ago. I am now selling them in a friend's gallery gift shop. Each piece has several layers of collage, paint, ink, etc. As I work on each layer, I play worship music and pray for those who will receive them.

Here is a piece I completed today. It is 3x4.5 inches. (Many more are in various stages of development.)

Front - Before
After I let this sit for a while, I felt it was a bit lack-luster. I spritzed on some gold shimmer and added a thin layer of pouring medium. Then I felt it was really done. Can you see the difference?
Front - After

Back - Before
Back - After

I am thinking about calling these small works of art "Little Treasures", but I would love to hear your suggestions, if you have any.

Blessing hugs,