Tickell Expressions

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Paint a Prayer

Dear Friends,
Have you ever grieved over the suffering of a loved one? Has that cherished one rejected any help from you or from God?

I have been praying Isaiah 41:9-10 over a family situation the last few days. Speaking the words gave me courage and strength, but I wanted something visual to go with the scriptures and my prayers.

So I drew a likeness of my loved one on that page in my bible. I painted it with water colours, adding tear tracks and red, swollen eyes. It is my heartfelt prayer, my plea for mercy and my declaration that God has chosen this dear one and will not throw him away.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Blessing hugs,

Friday, 2 June 2017

Your Garden

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I wrote a poem during a particularly sweet quiet time with my Lord Jesus. I made this water colour background and simple sketch in my art journal to go with it.
Here is the poem on its own in case you can't read it on the art page:

Your Garden
By Teresa Arsenault ©2017

As I walk in the garden with you
Dappled sunlight filters through the leaves
The smells of fruit and flowers mingle
With the glory of the smile on your face
As you look at me
As you gaze at me

My footprints are swallowed up in yours
Light fills the hollows in the places we tread
You lift a hand and point a finger
To the road you have chosen for me
As you walk with me
As you’re guiding me

Your garden leads to all good paths
Where pursuits blossom in loving rest
Gentle urgings from your Spirit flow
To call me to the place where I belong
As I follow you
As I’m here with you

In your garden
Where I am blessed.