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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Isaiah 54

Hello Friends,

A few weeks ago we started having a weekly time of worship in our family. During this week's time I painted this.
I used water-ink brushes and water colour crayons, including Gelatos.
During our after-worship sharing time, I felt the interpretation for my painting was Isaiah 54:11-12.
At first I thought I was painting a flower, but the result looks more like a plant shoot of some kind. For the last month or so I have felt that I was about to step into a divine purpose for my life. Not that my life has not had purpose before, but it feels as if everything has been building toward this moment in time. All of the storms that crushed my hopes, stripped me of my (false) identity and dashed my dreams against the rocks of repeated disappointments; all these were forming me into something beautiful and life-giving. I don't know what that is yet and it may not look like much to others.

A simple pea shoot grows into a vine that produces an almost continual crop of humble nutrition. It is not the star of the garden, but it is steadfast and lasts throughout the growing season. Or am a watermelon shoot that takes a long time to grow and is enjoyed for only a short time? Either way, I am happy to be and to discover what the Gardener has purposed for me to be. It will be good and it will be beautiful.

Like you: beautiful, full of divine purpose, and loved.

Blessing hugs,

Paint Party Friday - painting

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Angela Hoynes said...

I find it so wonderful that worship inspires you xx