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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Parable of Two Pigeons

Hello Friends,

Some of you know that I started caring for rescued pigeons 2-3 months ago. They are mostly from my own neighbourhood. They have been nesting in a bus stop shelter and babies have been tumbling out of the nest before they are fully feathered and able to eat on their own. Most had injuries, including our first rescued pigeon who had a broken leg.

When the first two pigeons were ready to be released, my husband built a shelter for them and mounted it at the back of our garage. He made a removable cage section so the pigeons would acclimate to the shelter and remember where to come back for food, water and a safe place to get out of the weather. We opened the cage section on August 13th, two days after placing them in the outdoor shelter. Gimpy (broken leg) flew into the trees, but Grace went straight to the ground. She could not fly.
An unexpected storm blew in during their first night in the shelter and we figured Grace must have thrashed in fear and bruised or sprained her wing, as it drooped slightly to her side. Once Gimpy realized her situation, he stayed close by whenever Grace was on the ground. He even let himself be a decoy when some crows came around, flying right into their line of sight to deter them from discovering his mate. That was when we changed his name to Love.

Terry built a ramp for Grace so she could get back to the shelter without our assistance. Love started touring the neighbourhood but always returned to check on Grace. Recently he flew up to her on the ramp and flapped his wings as though encouraging her to give flying another try. Part of her problem was that she no longer believed she could fly.
Love paying a visit to Grace
Today I went outside and was thrilled to find two pigeons sitting on my rooftop - Love and Grace. Grace had rediscovered her wings and was flying the skies with her mate.

Tonight, during our family worship time, I felt the Lord telling me that these two pigeons are a parable.

God extends to me his UNLIMITED GRACE as I heal from past wounds and learn to let go of my fears, insecurities and doubt. He knows that I will eventually learn to fly and he never gives up on me. And though it seems like he is gone sometimes, he is always watching over me. God is LOVE and LOVE NEVER FAILS. (1 Cor.13:8)
Here is a video I took of Love and Grace on my rooftop.
Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you have been inspired or even a little entertained. Most of all, I hope that you will receive this very special message to you from God:

You are beautiful and you are loved.

Blessing hugs,


Tara D said...

That is so wonderful what you did for the pigeons! I love the parable and your page came out beautifully :) Just to let you know I tried to play the video but it came up saying that the video is private.

Angela Hoynes said...

Your post today is both profound and beautiful. I just love your art work, amazing work my friend xx

Mary Brack said...

I just love the story of the pigeons! Your painting of them is great. :)