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Friday, 11 September 2015

Sunday's Little Blessing - New to You

Hello Friends,

Recently this blog was added to the "Ambassadors Blogs" page at His Kingdom Come so members could come by to pick up my free Sunday images. The only thing is I offer my images on my other blog - Tickell Expressions. I was going to correct the mistake, but then I thought, why not post my images on both blogs? So that is what I am going to do.

Along with my "Sunday's Art Reflection" there will be a "Sunday's Little Blessing" post every week. In the meantime, here are the images I have given away in the last few weeks, in case you missed any. I do give away other word art or image files on occasion. If you don't want to miss a post, you can e-mail subscribe to one or both blogs.

Here are your free images. I would love to see anything you create with these. I have a Tickell Expressions FaceBook page where you can post your creations or you can just put a link to your project in the comments and I will pop over for a look.

Blessing hugs,

Scripture Word Art for Big Crown image is here.

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Anonymous said...

These are awesome Teresa, thank you.