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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sunday's Art Reflection - Promises

Hello Friends,

Today's art reflection is a painting I did in May of 2008. It represents the promises of God, particularly those given to women who deeply desired to have a child. We have several examples of miracle pregnancies of women in the bible.

Abraham and Sarah were promised a son that was not born until they were 100 and 90 years old, respectively.

Isaac (their son) and his wife Rebekah also had trouble conceiving. Isaac prayed and the Lord blessed them with twins. They were married for 20 years before this happened. Isaac was 60.

Isaac's son Jacob was not able to have a child with his favourite wife Rachel. By God's mercy she was finally able to give birth to Joseph and later to Benjamin.

Then there was Hannah, the mother of Samuel, who went on to have five more children after she gave birth to the famous prophet.

The wife of Manoah was met by an angel and told that she would have a son. By the following year she held baby Samson in her arms.

The widow that built a room for Elisha was also barren and had given up hope of ever having a child. When the prophet asked what he could do for her, she dared not even ask, she had so little faith. But she too was able to have a child. That child later died from an accident and the prophet, by the power of God, raised him from the dead.

Elizabeth, cousin to Mary the mother of Jesus, conceived and gave birth to John the Baptist even though she and her husband were too old to have children. The angel Gabriel said of this, "For nothing will be impossible with God." (Luke 1:37)
Are you a follower of Jesus? Has he made promises to you in the past, perhaps so long ago that you think he has forgotten? Does it now look impossible for those promises to come to past? Halleluiah! Not only is nothing impossible for God, he LOVES to do things that we call impossible. The more impossible the fulfillment of your promise seems, the closer you are to seeing it happen. REJOICE! If God truly said it, then he will most certainly do it.

Whether you are a follower of Jesus or not, he wants you to know this today:

You are beautiful and you are loved. You really, truly are.

Blessing hugs,

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DebR said...

This is amazingly beautiful! Such power in it. Really enjoyed reading your blog post Teresa, thank you.