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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday's Art Reflection - Reborn

Hello Friends,

I am back with another art reflection from my very first art journal. This drawing was done in February of 2009, in response to my sister's passing. The face was done with Prisma pencils. I got a bit too fussy with the lips and damaged the paper a bit, unfortunately. The face actually does NOT look like my sister, but only a representation of her.
Cathy was reconciled to God through his son, Jesus Christ, just hours before passing on February 24, 2009. I sang "Amazing Grace" to her and she tried to sing along, tears streaming down her face. I will always be grateful that my Father allowed me to be with her and to lead her back to his arms. She went from fearful to peaceful in a moment's time. I look forward to seeing her again when we are reunited in our Father's kingdom.
The bird is an acrylic painting I did around the same time period. I cut it out from its original page and glued it above my drawing, signifying my sister's spirit being set free in a splendorous array of coloured feathers.
Thank you for visiting me today. My greatest hope for you is that you would know that you are beautiful in the eyes of your heavenly Father and that you are loved with his everlasting, ever-abiding love.

Blessing hugs,

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Desire Fourie said...

Such endearing meaning and memories behind these beautiful drawings.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}