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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Six Faces

Hello Friends,

Do you find that God especially likes to answer very specific prayers? Perhaps it is because our faith is activated when we can envision for what we are asking. The first time I saw this in action was nearly 40 years ago, when I asked for a rental house with a fenced in yard within a specific price range. I found exactly that, even though it seemed very unlikely at the time.

Recently I felt led to ask our church's sponsored missionary what his dream is for the children and young people at the orphanage he runs in Mozambique, Africa. He told me that these children are the first in many generations to have dreams for their futures, and not just hoping to survive. They want to be doctors, teachers, pilots and many other things.

Post secondary education is expensive in any country. Child sponsorship pays for basics only . Knowing that God seems to like specific prayers, I asked my friend how much it would cost to send six students to college for one year. He estimated about $20,000 so I have begun praying for that amount and for those six students. I don't know who they are and neither does my missionary friend. There are many more than six with ambitious dreams, but we are starting by praying for six.

Last night, during our family worship time, I drew these six faces in my journal. I started them with an Artist Cellar (Jane Davenport) profile stencil and did them with a blue NeoColor II water soluble pastel. I didn't have good natural light when I took that picture so the colours are way off. Sorry about that. It is also regular paper so blending was a challenge.

Will you join me in praying for them?

blessing hugs,

PS - This is Face #11 in the 100 Faces challenge at Praise Heart Creative Community.

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