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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Day Like Exodus 23rd

Hello Friends,

There is a bible journaling group on Facebook called Visions of Scripture. Recently they started a challenge to do an art journal entry for each book of the bible. I already did something for Genesis. I chose chapter 23 of Exodus for the next book and I have a very special reason for doing so.

In 1995 I was walking in a local park where I used to live in Ontario, communing with the Lord. I suddenly felt compelled to take a particular path to an open field. In the field was an elderly man with a dog. I felt very strongly impressed that I should speak to him. Not knowing what to say, I remarked, "It's a beautiful day."

"There hasn't been a day like this since Exodus 23rd," the man replied.

Rather stunned by his reply, I headed back for my car. There I got out my bible and opened to Exodus 23. My eyes fell on verse 20: "See, I have sent my angel ahead to guard you along the way to the place I have prepared."

Some months later I had a dream of a seaside location. The same elderly man I had met in the park was in the dream.

In 2003, after 2-3 years of prompting and guiding by the Holy Spirit, my husband and I moved to Prince Edward Island. A few years after moving here, I came upon the exact seaside location I had seen in my dream.

I don't understand why it was so important that we moved to this beloved Island. We have a limited sphere of influence and are not well known. But I believe that every person has a divine destiny, whether it is to touch one life that will influence another that will influence thousands, only God knows.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Blessing hugs,

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Angela Hoynes said...

Amazing story, but then when God is involved it usually is. Sometimes I think He takes us out of situations where we could have had problems.