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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

More Memorization

Hello Friends,

This was my biggest chunk of recent scripture memorization - 5 verses. I did it in a couple of steps and over a few days. I meditated on John 15:1-5 over about a 2 week period, journaling, doing art and repeating the verses out loud. I don't know how long I will retain everything I have been memorizing. Things don't stick to my brain as well as they did when I was younger, but I believe that God will bring them back to my memory whenever I need them. The initial work is mine. He will make up for my lack of brain-memory cells.

This is the verse that started me on the path to bible verse memorization. I used it as part of a lesson for the children I teach and it got me thinking. How can I hide God's Word in my heart except by trying to commit it to memory? I really want to influence 'my' kids to read their bibles and memorize scriptures, but I don't like to ask them to do anything that I am not willing to do myself.
Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your visit.

Blessing hugs,


Nancy said...

Wonderful to see, Teresa! You're so right about it being easier to remember when we're young. When I was a kid, our church had a wonderful program. If you memorized a list of Bible verses, recited them to a Sunday School teacher, then you would save a chunk of money off the expense of summer camp. My three brothers and I all did it. I still know those verses! :o)

Angela Hoynes said...

I really must do some of this, I seem to have been inactive for a while.