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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Honey Bee

Hello Friends,

Last Sunday a friend was worship dancing with various coloured flags in church. (If you want to know what worship dancing is, do a Google search and you will find lots of beautiful images) She was so lovely to watch, I was often brought to tears as God's love washed over me through her dance. "Honey Bee" popped into my mind as I watched.

Through the first part of this week I prayed about what "Honey Bee" might mean for my friend. While I prayed, I made art and then finally a poem.

First I drew this silhouette and made it into a digital drawing, which you can take to use in your own art. I printed out 9 copies; adhered them in layers with texture paste mixed with black paint; then covered the finished piece with a mixture of pouring medium and black paint; before the pouring medium was dry I lightly sprinkled on fushcia/purple glitter. The glitter was actually to cover a smudge when I handled the piece too soon. It was a lucky mistake. :)
I braided specialty yarn with twine and glued it into a circle/mound, like a bee hive. I added a pin and flower/bee die cut. I also braided purple tulle with a different fibre to represent the flags my friend uses in her worship dancing.
I made a batch of egg carton roses months ago. I thought one would go nicely on this mixed media piece, especially since my friend has a hobby farm, including laying hens. I glued a piece of white tulle under it for some soft, feminine texture.
The background of this canvas I made last year, as a demonstration piece for a mixed media class I taught. I added more K&Company die cut flowers, used some stamps, sequins and other embellishments to complete the piece.
This angle shows a bit of the dimension, which is one of the things I love about mixed media art.
Here is the completed piece. I hope my friend will sense my love and God's love when she looks at it.
I really wanted to write a letter or something as an interpretation to this art piece. I spent some time praying and writing until I came up with this poem. I made it into a printable, using a page border by Lilac & Lavender.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Blessing hugs,


DebR said...

I love this Teresa...thank you so much!

Angela Hoynes said...

Greta project, I am sure your friend will be thrilled when she receives it x

Angela said...

this is so, so lovely Tonya, your friend is very blessed to have you praying and creating for her like this! :-)

Angela said...

so very sorry Teresa, I knew I'd got your name wrong the minute I posted the comment, but I was too late to rectify it!! :-( so very sorry!!

Pea bea said...

Love when God inspires. This is so pretty...she's sure to love it and appreciate your caring. God Bless.