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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday's Art Reflection - Oil Pastels

Hello Friends,

For those of you who are new here, I found an old art journal a few months ago. I started it before I had ever heard the term art journal and it was when I had just started playing with making art.

Today's page was done shortly after picking up a set of oil pastels at a yard sale. With no knowledge of how to properly use them, I decided to try them out. I drew this picture straight from the sticks, with no brushes or blending solution. I didn't like them at all and I'm not fond of the resulting picture, but it was part of my learning to do art process.
Every step we take in learning to do art, or anything else, is important. Even if we don't like the results, it is teaching us how to improve and do it better the next time. So everything is valuable, maybe even especially our mistakes.

You are valuable too, mistakes and all. You are beautiful and you are loved.

Blessing hugs,

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