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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Faux Encaustic Junk Journal Page

Hello Friends,

Lately I have been playing with crayons, an old pancake griddle and a heat gun for a faux encaustic technique. It is only faux because I am using wax crayons rather than true encaustic paint, which is definitely on my art supply wish list.

This page was inspired by a poem I wrote a couple of months ago called, "Kaleidoscope". Once I was satisfied with my faux encaustic painting, I added three different glitters, gold wire and resin butterflies. I also used a tracing wheel to add some interesting texture. Unfortunately, the shine and sparkle does not show up in the photo.

Here is the poem which inspired my painting. I started with acrylic paints for my background. After collaging the printed poem on, I sponged lightly with gold acrylic paint and a bit of black around the edges. I finished it off with pouring medium so it would be as glossy as the flip side. Again, my camera did not do the glossy finish justice.

I am linking this to Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #33, Sweet Inspirations.
Since you probably cannot read the poem from my photo, here it is:

Teresa Arsenault ©2016

The colours of life: the greens, golds, blues, yellows; all hold no pattern of their own
Man tries to make sense of them, tries to gather them to his breast
His heart leaps at their beauty;
his mind grasps for understanding, as at a feather in the wind

The heart finds peace but for a moment
The mind exalts itself as being wise

Greys and browns come; clouds blot out the sunny days
Whispering winds that eased the mind with lies
turn into gales and icy winds speed down descents
To valleys of discontent, confusion and pain

Where is your lightness now, oh heart?
Where is your understanding, vain-laden mind?

This earth-bound life has beauty, yet it has ugliness and scars
My heart is deceptive and my mind all agog
I can trust neither; I can depend on not one, nor the other
I put my trust in you God; I surrender to you each aspect of my life

You weave through it your scarlet thread
You splash it with your wondrous colours and infuse it with your light
The scarlet thread forms the pattern, ever changing,
but ever consistent to your loving and holy nature

New mercies each day delight me
Without, there would be no form
Only a chaos of colours; no meaning, no sense
A painter gone amuck

Oh God, my God, my beautiful God
Your designs hold true; they do not fall apart
Sweet nuances of colour and pattern
Amaze me each time you alter my perspective

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Blessing hugs,

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