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Thursday, 7 January 2016


Hello Friends,

Besides Take Me Deeper, another very popular group at the free online Christian community of His Kingdom Come is Logos 365. Each year participants are encouraged to seek God for a word to meditate on throughout the year. This year Diane Marra has provided a free e-book, with student work sheets to walk you through the process of choosing your word. She also has a video where she shares her 8+ year journey of living with a specific word for each year of her life, and how it has enriched her.

My word for 2016 is STEADFAST. Being that I already have a full-sized art journal for my Take Me Deeper art and devotional studies, I wanted something easy to manage and also easy to keep handy, for my Logos 365 word meditations. I decided to use some Mason jar tags - free printables by Sweetly Scrapped. The artwork is so lovely and inspiring, I can quickly make a page for each day's meditation or I can linger if I am able to do so.
This is the cover for my Logos 365 tag journal. I am stringing each tag onto a length of lace as I complete them.
In Diane's free e-book she suggests looking up synonyms for your logos 365 word. I used those on the back of my first page.
Thanks for stopping by. I will soon have more tag pages to show you. I prepared all of my backgrounds in advance, so they should go together pretty quickly, but I don't want to rush through the process either. I am looking forward to seeing this characteristic developed in my life this 2016.

Blessing hugs,

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Angela Hoynes said...

Great shape, how big have you made them? Love what you have done so far.