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Friday, 21 April 2017

My 1st Journaling Bible

Hello Friends,

Yesterday was my birthday and I received my very first journaling bible. It was the exact one I wanted and in my favourite translation.

The inside covers are filled with gorgeous illustrations to colour. Many scriptures are beautfully illustrated, with lots of extra margins for my own art and notes.

I am extremely grateful to my son (with the help of my Amazon wish list) and can't wait to get started, coloring and meditating on the Word.

Here are some pics.
The cover has a glittery shimmer and is soft & flexible.
The box it came in is too beautiful to toss.
A closer view.
The lovely pattern on the page edges reminds me of a dear vintage book.


Pea bea said...

I journal in my note takers in the past, and just bought by first actual journaling Bible before Christmas. Our Ollie's store has Bibles at a somewhat discounted price so I kept looking and knew they would eventually have some. Only a few though, but finally found one. I am no artist so mostly my journaling is just notes and words and some stencils. I can only imagine with how artistic you are that yours will be beautiful and meaningful with the scripture. Hope you will share, and always feel free to link up at my Sunday Scripture Blessings link that starts on Sundays. Doesn't have to be journaling...can just be scripture photo, graphic or just a comment hello.

Love your new Bible. :)

Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

Angela Hoynes said...

You have a got a beautiful Bible to journal in, may it bring you much joy and peace x